Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Color Me Rad

When that gift card to Archivers doesn't do the trick... its time for the ultimate gift. Yeah, I know everyone has been posting the video but even last night I chatting up some bloggers that weren't clued in on the resurrection of Color Me Badd (nod to Speaker for having similar minds because that's the first band that came into mind when I saw it).

Has everyone baked up those cornflake wreaths and almond bark dipped pretzels yet? Still going to work over the holidays?

Yeah me too, but with the alignment of the holidays and must-use vacation time, I managed to get from the 22nd to the Fiesta Bowl off for a fraction of "vacation" hours. Who wants to go to Vegas????

Just kidding. Well, not really kidding, but I'm sure if I hopped on a plane the marital bliss I'm experiencing with a sick-with-a-cold wife at the moment would be a tad less blissful.

I received something last night that startled me a little bit since I draft incoherant babble on here daily for reason unknown to even myself. I'm sure many of our blogging brethren have received these offers of writing for a site and receiving compensation, but this was a first for this tall hick from nordic suburbia. Frankly, the thought of getting paid to write with my English comprehension skills that rival someone tackling Moonbeams in grade school, frightens me. Honored of course to be selected, but since I don't post about how my AA26 double suited went down to someone overplaying their KKxx each day, or how to successfully bluff off all your chips to a calling station (I'm a world class player in that regards), I don't feel comfortable accepting an offer like this.

Those scribes like Pauly, Otis, Jason, Iggy, Joannnnnnnnnnda, Wil, Hoy, Dan, April, CJ, Change100, have the backgrounds and the talent to be compensated for their transcription of this silly little game we all play. Me? I like to talk about my family and discuss ways of getting Wyatt out of Dave and Busters after all the points on the card are used up without setting off a Defcon 3 level tantrum.

Any suggestions on whine-deflection tactics?

But... if anyone wanted to send me to the World Series of Poker, I'm sure exceptions could be made :D

Thanks for dropping by, now I'd get a gauge on an appropriate gift for my boss. I found a birdhouse at a craft store that seemed like a nice gift. Too tacky? Too ghey?

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