Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fuck You Andy Reid

Takes out Garcia when I'm playing for 2nd in my fantasy football pool.

Takes out Garcia after I place a bet on the Eagles.

Fuck you sir (second prize goes to Tony "Floam" Romo for the outstanding performance against Detroit Rock City causing this Eagles/Falcons game to become junk).

Eight hours till the ball drop, and I'm getting on my holiday cheer before seeing the guys tonight for some cigars, some drinks, and some stories about past parties at the townhouse while slacking off Econ 101 again. Its funny how a group of guys that used to play Euchre while downing a liter of Tanqueray while counting the hours till McDonald's opened for breakfast could be mixing up Oatmeal cereal while making sure they brought some Desitin for their baby's raw ass.

Have a great New Years everyone, I hope that any tilt you may have going on in your life exits as liquor flows at least for one night.

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