Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"We're Going To Hooter's After This, Right?"

Picture taken by my father-in-law

Chandler Bing has nothing on Wyatt's cheesy smile.

Sorry but everyone will be subjected to kids pics for the next few days while I fend off everyone's cold/flu and cut back on the poker play so I can sleep for a few hours before shuttling people nyquil and more bedtime stories.

Can anyone help me find some Pappy Kershenstine beef jerky for the Bracelet? Searched the Mall of America this weekend after the Santa pic above was taken (and an hour wait) and a few meat shops in my area, got air.

Thanks for dropping by, now wade through the seven deadly sins with Pauly at your own risk.

And play this game until your mouse wrist can't take anymore: Current high score 25 seconds

Edit: Best part of that sick 120 page 2+2 thread... "Captain Tom" makes the dictionary

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