Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Fadeaway

True athletic acheivements like scoring the game winning goal in the 1991 District 3 Midget B playoffs are savored by millions and replays of such displays of god-like talent should be shown on all-time Top 10 plays sport shows for the next thousand years...

Not really.

But if you watched SportsCenter this morning and saw the spin move that Pierre-Marc Bouchard put on Khabibulin this morning you'd stand up and take notice. Or that filthy penalty kick by Ronaldinho making a wall of high stepping Germans as confused as Britney Spears selecting some panties at La Perta to wear. No, I do not have the link to those wonderful Britney Spears bare beaver crotch shots, but since we're blessed with having people like Snake, Chops, and the Addict as fellow poker bloggers at Wicked Chops Poker, they did the dirty work for those of us who need to view such things.

Shave the cheerleader, indeed.

See you tomorrow in never-never land folks :)

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