Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jotting While Dotting

I finally found out who helped me out on the fateful first night in Vegas… thank you Lord Byron for shushing away those trans-gender strippers and rich guys with bad pick-up lines (“Are you a stripper?????” why not go for “DAMN! you look fuckable tonight, how much for head?”) while getting back into the comforts of my loving wife.

At least she was happy the next day after a few choice drinks at the Geisha Bar :)

And to Princess Maigrey who told me last night if I didn’t show some love that she’d introduce her rather large dog to my fat cat that runs about as fast as an AMC Pacer with a clogged carburetor.

Now, the PokerPro/PokerTek party bought forth a new way to play poker in casinos, and to be totally honest I can see this thing getting extremely hot with bar poker. Hopefully the marketing crew over there has considered this. No cards or chips for the drunks to handle, no more wondering who finished in 27th place for those all important bar league points feeding into that huge $100 freeroll at the end of the year, and turning the tourney director’s job into a techie position vs. a babysitter for grown-ups.

I know state gaming laws, wonderful government-types like Bill Frist, and religious right wing-nuts will probably get their granny panties in a twist, but the ease of use for something that isn’t going away (bar tourneys still packing the people in every night, even after three years of starting) just makes sense.

As for casinos… hello Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better SnGs without headaches! Hello heads-up matches for all the juice and none of the slowdown of taking up floor space and dealer’s time!

Granted the PokerPro/PokerTek interface was a tad confusing with all the confirming and reconfirming your actions. But, I’m sure with feedback from more live players and those of us who play poker from an interface every night there can be a mesh of ideas to find the easiest to use screen.

By the way, this was not a paid advertisement, just a jotting that I enjoyed the product and hope they make their way into Canterbury and/or some bars. The two bar tourneys I played in featured some horrible structures mainly due to people who couldn’t shuffle up and deal within the time it takes for your girlfriend/spouse to get ready for another wedding reception of that neighbor she grew up with but hasn’t seen for 10 years.

Tomorrow I promise to post a few pics before I head off to the Mall of America for kids pics with the only mall Santa who isn’t a total douchebag and worth sitting in line for 90 minutes. And god willing, wings at Hooters afterwards.

Lets us pray to the all-mighty orange and silicone gods (which I didn't get to see while in Vegas :sobs: ).

Thanks for dropping by now if you were not able to drop by the PokerPro/PokerTek party, here’s the link to the site.

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