Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Difference Between Phil Ivey and Conrad Ivey

Poker questions:

If you make a play based on prior action and it doesn't work out, is it a bad play?

If you make a play based on prior action and you suckout or win a close coin flip as a result, are you a donkey?

If you stick to a game plan and follow through regardless of the end result, are you satisified with your play?

These have happened recently and I've been called names, had my play questioned, and haven't achieved any results while playing no limit hold em' for the past two weeks, save a minor cash in the Mookie last week (been nibbling at the $22 PLO8 SnGs with success while warming up for next month).

I do not play as many tourneys as such esteemed MTT crusher such as Chad or Hoy but I do have a strategy that has netted me some success and makes me look like I took a Joey Porter uppercut to the noggin at other times (well concealed last night Bayne). As players, if you're not going into a game with a strategy and just winging it, of course lady luck could sit on your lap for evening at a rate of $20 per two songs and you'd still see your name at the final table with fabulous prizes to be won.

Nothing wrong with that, its your money, spend it however you want (that is if I ran the government, unfortunately the US's is throwing down the hammer again soon). Some nights I choose to be the donkey and play very loose, fast, and drunk. Other nights I use to study the game and pick my spots with three different thoughts about it.

1) What happened in prior hands?

2) Who am I playing against?

3) What am I playing?

Take my leave from yesterday's Moooooooooookie:

1) I got open raised on the button three consecutive times, and I just lost a coin flip with JJ versus AKo

2) Bayne is smart, calculating tournament player that could raise with air solely based on position and I do have fold equity with a resteal

3) A blogger tourney, hand selection might be looser here and I'm down to under 10BBs and I'm the table's shortest stack, if I want to make a run I need to win somewhere hoping to get my Ace-Rag called by two broadway cards, a suited connector, or get a fold and get back to the starting chip stack

Unfortunately, thoughts don't always equal greatness as he rolled over AA and my seven percenter didn't come in.

But, if it did win... am I a donkey for it?

Thanks for dropping by, now I hope that shed some light on my game for you Brock :)

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