Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Splinters Standing On End

I guess Lindsay wasn’t the reason for the spike in traffic last week, still not sure what was.

Due to work coming down hard lately, I’ll be bunkered up underneath a shelter of reports and numbers while getting zero time to play poker. Even writing for the other site has been difficult due to the lack of time but two newly crowned proud parents dropped by to say hi last night while I was throwing a quick post up about the penny NLHE player whose bankroll got a bump from PokerStars.


While sitting on the proverbial and literal bench this week, I’ve taken a new view on things like poker and softball. What once was a given that I would be lounged back with laptop perched on my lap on a weeknight and cold beverage within arm’s length while four tabling my PLO8 games. Now, I find just opening up X-chat to say hi to the bloggers and have a couple of conversations via IM about all I have time for.

The bench this weekend gave me a cold shower as I went from being one of the best all-around players on my team, to a tourney team that looks upon my 6’4” frame as nothing more then a role player to fill in at catcher and maybe take an at-bat or two. Normally, while playing on my Tuesday night co-ed league my cockiness and lack of effort from this bravado, would cause a general distaste for even showing up. This weekend’s wake up call provided me a little guide as to why I enjoyed the game, and helped revive my excitement for the company of our mixed gender league games.

Even if the score didn’t dictate excitement and the windy, rainy weather tried its best to dampen my spirits.

I’m off to prep for the Mooooooookie tonight and hop back into the saddle of earning points for the overwhelmingly popular BloggerPokerChallenge. If you haven’t been attempting to get to these events, I highly recommend playing; just don’t take it too seriously or be prepared for rants.

Thanks for dropping by, now why does Michele Wie get it that she’s not a PGA player (but is much nicer to look at)? I’m all for equality, but her golf game does not equal those of guys hitting from the black tees.

When will her wake up call hit?

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