Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seven Deadly Memes

Since the meme calls from the outer reaches of Texas, I must answer.

Seven things about me that were better unknown and may cause dizziness and nausea, please remain in the seated position and dream about Lindsay Lohan during this post:

1) I am most likely the only (if not one of the very few) bloggers who does not have a bachelor's degree. Despite starting at Arizona State University fresh out of high school, staring at the bronzed ladies by the Sonora doom room poolside area were not enough to keep me there.

2) I have one regret in life, it concerns the death of my ex-girlfriend from high school. After that I have no shames. Get me drunk enough at a blogger event and I may tell you the back story.

3) I am physically unable to spell any word backward. Yes, that includes the word "be" and any palindrome (yes I know what a palindrome is, if you don't... remember that "A slut taxes sex at Tulsa" but I'm not exactly sure what services those taxes are on however). If you prop bet me on this, you'll get a raised eyebrow and possibly a decent beer poured over you.

4) Despite not being fans of their music, my cat, and my sister-in-law's cat are named after Simon and Garfunkle. It seemed like the only way to get away with calling the cat "Funky" without questioning its ability to bust a move.

5) I have hit a golf ball 400 yards (non-cart path aided), I have hit a softball 400 feet, I have thrown 10 strikes in a row in a regulated game of bowling, and I have hit a spike so hard during a game it hit the floor and bounced high enough to hit a gym's ceiling. Despite being 6'4" and having a basketball rim in the backyard of my parent's home, I cannot hit a six foot jump shot to save my life.

6) While on vacation, I once made-out and felt up a girl who was two years younger then I that I'd just met five hours prior to nipplegate in front of her parents while watching a movie with them sitting next to us.

7) I once drove 300 miles to International Falls, MN to see a girl's high school graduation that had been writing "mushy" letters to me while I was at Arizona State only to find out she had a boyfriend after I got there and spent the weekend in her grandmother's basement except for the ceremony and snagged a couple of wonderful roast beef sandwiches at the graduation party.

The Hoy once again proved to be my thorn in this blogger dealy-o as they are only tournaments I have not received points in for the BloggerPokerChallenge. Last night it was a coin flip of JJ vs. AKo that spelled my demise, as I made do with the crappy cards I'd received for the first 90 minutes. But, thanks to some wonderfully gifted card slingers at the NLO8 cash games, I was able to make a few beer bucks for the WSOP trip. These tables are not for the faint of heart as dropping 10 buy ins isn't unheard of (but we won't mention names) but the upswings are as easy as catching cards and knowing your odds while pushing with a big draw.

Thanks for dropping by, now I must return to corporate life as I'm in training for the entire week on how to draft brand spankin new TPS reports.

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