Thursday, May 03, 2007

Four Days On the Disabled List

And the Yankees fire...

... their conditioning coach?

I guess someone didn't get their morning rub and tug on time while on the DL.

I'm off for a weekend of golf, bowling, beer, and a possiblity of poker not necessarily in that order.

If you were say a "free" man on a given weekend and could happen to glance by a cardroom like Canterbury Park on the way home from a previous engagement despite adding an extra 45 minutes to the car ride would you go? I'm feeling a strong pull into that $4/$8 Limit Omaha 8 or better with 1/2 kill that Canterbury spreads, but the amount of sharks that circle the waters waiting for the empty seats to fill up doesn't make it +EV. As stated many times, my limit game resembles a kodiak bear trying to knit a sweater for a field mouse. Instead of using patience, I try to pounce on every sight of weakness and end up paying off many big bets when those gutshots and flushes come in. Great for Pot Limit, bleeds Liverpool red on the bankroll ledger for Limit.

Plus with some horsey bettors flush with cash from the Kentucky Derby, I'd figure the cardroom will be hopping with low limit "lets try poker!" types to shore up my home bankroll a bit.

If not, the chicken strips are usually decent, and there's always PAI GOW! in the back room for -EV despite the California rules of having to pay an ante each hand.

The Mooooooookie last night was uneventful, made the points, got shortstacked, lost a 40/60 trying to be aggressive. Nothing exciting except for the chat of course which is the reason why you pay the $11 admission fee to the carnival's Tilt-a-Whirl ride on Full Tilt. Just eat the cheese curds AFTER you've been spun around like someone trying to guard LeBron in the lane.

Almost to the half way point of the BloggerPokerChallenge brought to you by Poker On Mac and whoever is serving Al that particular night, and I'm sitting around 15th place still nursing along without being able to crack another final table appearance since chopping up The Big Game and make a run at those top three spots.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you've ever felt "small" because a boss or someone with "higher social status" decided to thumb you into the ground here's a story for you.

If you haven't already read it, here's a story of Terrance Chan at the Playboy Mansion charity tourney (which some people we might know went to last year). And the letter on Iggy's site explaining the "other side" of the argument that has the same uppity tone from "you're no Johnny Chan" chick here. Ugh. Trying to play victim here after writing those things? Joy has some self-love issues, not to mention captialization is your friend, embrace the shift key Joy!

I weep for people who think they're "bigger" then others because of social status except for Bobby Bracelet who has a right to laugh at your junk size and horrible blackjack strategies.

See you at the Riverchasers tourney this evening!

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