Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here

Here's the list of those folks who are investing in the highest variance game (see below) outside of No Limit Triple Draw Slapjack with jokers (Kyra sits in amazement):


Joe Speaker
Daddy (do SnailTrax shirts come in XXL? I'll get one after we chat this evening)
CJ (please have lady luck rub the mobneys for good luck first :D )

The shares are set at $50 a piece and twenty-two of them are available (because the top three people have already expressed their exact interest and I'll update availablity throughout the day). Please let me know how many shares you want (or half-shares if $50 is too much) and I'll keep at least one share available to those on the list above. Please give me your email addresses at (hrking275 at comcast d o t net) or hit me up on Yahoo IM (hrking275) so we can work out money transfering information.

I can't thank everyone enough for their encouragement, I never thought I'd be able to cross something off my life "to do" list so soon (hopefully Lindsay Lohan will be out there so I can tell her to please eat a sandwich or ten for another check off the list!).

And if Pauly and Otis are reading... any help with logistics that you can throw my way despite your extremely busy schedules (where to stay, how to register, do I prop bet Gavin Smith into a game of bowling, what to/not to wear, size of hooker bar tips, etc...) I'd be forever graceful.

And to my understanding wife, I still don't know what possessed you to marry me but hopefully this will end up as a grand story and a little bling to bring home. If not, I promise at least a story.

Thanks for dropping by, now I shall be at the Mookie tonight to retain my top 10 status that was lost due to not being home for the last two events of the BloggerPokerChallenge.

Fear the angry nurse.

And a belated Happy Birthday to the Blogfather, for a proper online birthday celebration, hit up Al's post and don't forget the peppermint lotion.

Its my daughter's birthday today, so this page may also get updated with the customary messy cake picture. Edit: A little cleaner then I remember

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