Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Shall Fly

If you came here to see Lindsay Lohan eating a sandwich yesterday, that would explain the tripling of the traffic.

Being a baseball fan, I like this pic of her much better.

Ok, the lets-send-Drizz-to-the-WSOP charity drive responses have blown my mind so far. There have been 23.5 shares purchased by my fellow brothers (and sisters) in writing arms and after suggestions from the Pokernews crew, I shall be staying at the Gold Coast which has all the $5 Pai Gow tables and bowling alleys I'll need for cheap fun AND within walking distance to the final table on Tuesday :)

Minneapolis to Las Vegas
5:15 pm - 6:35 pm
Sun Country Airlines
Las Vegas to Minneapolis
2:10 pm - 7:05 pm
Sun Country Airlines

Hotel: Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
Room reservation: 1 adult
Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
Check in: Sun 6/24/2007
Check out: Wed 6/27/2007
For payment information on the shares, please make a transfer to my Full Tilt or Stars account (Drizztdj) or if you'd like to transfer via PayPal, just email me for the account information (hrking275 a t comcast d o t net). Again, I can't thank everyone enough for sending this low roller to the WSOP and never dreamt playing would come this soon. At the moment I feel like Eddie the Eagle at the 98' Winter Olympics making an attempt at a prize far outside of his comfort area, but this will probably pass after I stack someone with a nut low-nut flush.
Add Al, Chilly, Gary, Ten Mile, Bobby Bracelet to the list of ski jumping backers :)

There are 6.5 shares up for grabs out there, if you are interested please leave a comment or send me an email.

The Moooooookie's headlines have been the same for myself throughout the BloggerPokerChallenge, make the points, lose a key hand, finish short of the money. One suckout got me to the points, and a coinflip finished me off. Very vanilla, not even a praline or carmel sauce to spice up my tourney. At least the chat was worthy, and there's a free apple streusel pancake mix box on my desk for anyone who's hungry for breakfast tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by, now make sure you're joining me at the WSOP by winning the Keeley's shirt this weekend!!

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