Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Minty Dreams

I guess my two million spam votes paid off to get Lohan voted Maxim's Hot 100 top chick.

Guess the sandwiches finally worked.

Since there was zero poker played after throwing out my shoulder last night at softball, I have a question to all:

Who do you think masturbates more on a weekly basis?

a) High school virgin

b) A recently out-of-work porn star

c) A married man/woman

d) A man/woman just recently dumped from a long-term relationship

e) Your dog that is not Bob Barker approved by having him spayed or neutered.

Thanks for dropping by, now I intend on making at least the final table tonight to make up for my third-time-in-a-row out of the points finish in the Hoy, while slinging cards tonight at the Mookie for the BloggerPokerChallenge.

Fear the nurse.

And Mike... I'd like to tackle this, due to the perfect weather we've had for the past week. Despite my sub-standard skillz I have some ideas rolling around for it.

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