Monday, July 23, 2007

Burned, Fried, and Broken

Suffered two bad beats this weekend:

Wife took the new Harry Potter book before I could.


That means you Chilly.

And not being able to lay down trip kings to someone playing K9o under the gun during Midnight Madness tourney at Full Tilt with Speaker. Can you put people on a hand in that tourney?!?!

But, the rest of the weekend was spent on the diamonds watching the wonderful world of co-ed softball and trying to keep my composure as the tight shorts and tigher jerseys made pitching nine games into the championship a little work. I was surprised by the competitiveness of the game versus the usual 25-1 affairs that most coed games consist of. Maybe a switch is in order to preserve whatever athletic efforts I can produce in the future. But, knowing Wyatt will be tearing up the t-ball leagues next year, may mark the spot when its my turn to cheer from behind the chain linked fences as he did this weekend.

Thanks for dropping by, now if you haven't read Pauly's farewell to the 2007 WSOP post, run don't walk to the Tao.

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