Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Was Neither Here or There

I don't know which was more disappointing while playing poker with my close, invisible internet friends last night:

- Slogging to a 4th place finish in the Mookie after entering the final table with a slight chip lead.

- Losing 1.5 buy-ins at the $10max PLO tables to luckbox Alan who managed to strip the freeroll winner's of all their pennies and was up six buys when I left.

- Playing Razz for an hour and managing to get past fourth street twice a silently cursing Al for coaxing me into playing that sadist game.

One hand history for those who get a rise out of such things, I thought it was an fairly easy fold, but I'm not one to play for moving up the ladder and thought it might have been a decent spot to take a flip for maximum gains after looking back at it:

Four people left in the Mookie, stacks are 25K under the gun, 56K on the button, 40K in the SB, and I'm at 31K in the bb:

UTG raises to 6K, Button repops for ~20K, SB folds, you hold AKo

Blinds are at 1000/2000/200 (ante might be wrong)

Your move.

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