Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Easy Mode

Despite playing the game a total of three times (and getting booed off the stage twice)... why am I geeked out about Guitar Hero III coming out soon? I'm sure Wheaton and Alan are planning all-night camp outs or spamming Amazon to be the first to get their hands on the new game whereas I will not be standing in front of Toys R' Us at 6am with temperatures that could freeze a coffee faster then Ichiro rounded four bases in the All-Star Game last night.

No news, no drama today as you should be deferring your attention to the many bloggers covering the WSOP Main Event (which the final table live coverage was advertised for $19.95 on ESPN last night). After watching a bootleg link to it last year it was some of the best poker coverage I've seen and might be worth a few big blinds to pick up.

Thanks for dropping by, now welcome Online Poker Report to my little corner of the web as they provide a wide berth of online poker information on a clean-cut page that's very easy to follow. Hell there's even a slice of PAI GOW! strategy there, go check it out :)

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