Monday, July 30, 2007

Pop Is a Midwest Thang Ya Know

Its good to know I don't suck. At least not to the point where I'd quit ranting about overpriced, underpoured drinks at Green Mill.

Yes, I'm talking to you Ms. Bartendress in the ruffed uniform and boobies protruding far enough to make the buttons scream for mercy. Why do you think that a five dollar Cap'nCoke should be poured into a rocks glass, with ice to the rim, AND served with flat Coke???

"All fountain pop is flat, its the way its supposed to taste"

Granted I'm no Al, BigMike, or StB. I'm a weekend warrior, a rank amateur of the bar scene, but I DO KNOW THAT FLAT POP = SHIT TASTING MIXED DRINK. If the fountain machine isn't working just offer a different drink, I'm flexible with a hint of calm, but don't lie to my face with two kiddies bouncing around.

Guys weekend will remain in my head instead of paper and internet typed letters, as a good time should be. One properly cooked T-Bone, and one too many nickels wagered on Let-it-ride made for our annual weekend of married guys that need a few days of getting up at noon without the guilt.

Thanks for dropping by, now have you ever tried to call a bartender/waitress on their BS only to have them continue shoveling themselves a conversational grave?

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