Monday, January 01, 2007

Wing and a Prayer

After some well wishes by ya'll I decided to accept the position of poker blogger over at Creative Weblogging.

Most of my poker-y content will be found here at Keep Your Poker Face. Personal knick-nacks, rants about muther f'in Eagles, Saints, Cleveland and the other 40 NFL teams that managed to lose for me yesterday will still be found here (I feel dirty about betting big on the Packers though...)

My voice there will be a drier, more conservative one as I'll be passing along links of the going on's in the poker world rather then explaining how quantum physics relate to the Swede in the five seat at my PLO8 table that forgot his fold button as I would here. Or how I pondered on life while risking frostbite last night in my buddy's garage holding a Private Stock Cap'n Coke and gurkha cigar.

A post perhaps for tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Thanks for dropping by, now its time for some college bowl games that matter! Well, if you have a numbers board or attended one of the school they do.

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