Sunday, October 17, 2004

Canterbury trip!

First live poker in 7 months, whoa. I got seated at a pretty dull table after 15 minutes of waiting. There was 3 calling stations, a WSOP wannabe, a wild haired kid (decent player), and a couple of weak-tight players.

I had several good starting hands but nothing seemed to connect. Won hands with KTo and 93s (IT WAS SOOOOOOTED but in the small blind). My mom came back from Mystic down $80 (felt bad I didn't go with) and I was racking up my chips and I get 99 in LP. Wild haired kid raises off the BB (he's been hitting everything, top sets, nut flush, nut straights, you name it). I call the raise to set J - T - 9 rainbow flop. I bet my set and he raises (I put him on KQ just because of how excited he got after the flop) so I sigh and call. A rag 2 completing the rainbow comes out, I bet, he raises. I asked him how many nut straights you're allowed in a day, he didn't respond (like I said... boring table). The river brings a glorious T, I bet and he just calls and I walk away up $35. Now if I wouldn't have snuck back into the California game room I would won a bit more.

Thought I saw Chris Halverson (Ferrari hat, big jacket?) but I felt a little strange going up and saying hi (sorry Chris if it was you I'll be little more personable next time!). I was wearing my Addasis (sp?) black hat and blue and black wind jacket. Maybe next time I won't be such a pussy and say hi.

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