Monday, October 18, 2004

Vikes win vikes win!

But those pukes from Detroit busted my parlay. Last time I ever bet on the "Motor City Kitties" as Common Man Cole calls em' on KFAN radio.

I'm beginning to wonder if PL Omaha hi/lo is indeed the crack-cocaine of poker. Even the wild $25NLHE tables at Party don't compare to the chip flinging that goes on within these tables. I managed to double my stack in two short sessions (one PLO and one HE), I was mightly pround of doubling my stack with 65s and a board of 3-4-5 and two of my suit. Normally my weak-tight ass would have folded to the all-in, but with a re-draw to a straight and a flush why not go for it? The fishy turned over A4o, whoa. Another unlucky customer gave me odds to draw to my nut flush over his two pair (this game is much easier when you win isn't it?). In PLO8 I stayed in with a marginal A - 2 - 5 - 8 hand, caught the nut low off the flop, nut straight on the turn, two people pushed me all-in with A - 3 lows and one flush draw (that didn't hit) and I tripled up. I hit top set on the very next flop and lost a pot size bet when I had to fold in face of 4 straight cards hitting the board.

The house didn't sell over the weekend unfortunately, so we're back to square one in finding a new place to live.

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