Saturday, October 23, 2004

UB and me

I started at UltimateBet last night and worked off 25.00 of the $100 bonus dollars. I signed up thru the Pokergrub (Grubby), I'm going to shoot for attaining 3,000 UB points for the free DVD videos he's offering. So far so good, I'm up $70 + $25 bonus dollars. The play here is tighter and better then most sites. As long as I play tight I should be able to make a profit. I would have been up more but caught a cold wave of getting the 2nd best hand.

Party's $25PLO8 tables continue to be a wave, lost a stack on Friday night with 2nd best flush and 2nd best low grrrrrr.

Not much to write about for the rest of the weekend, going to help my grandparent's move and VIKING FOOTBALL. Bet the house on the over of the Vikes/Titians game, in fact bet the over for every Vikings game because their defense is a bigger siv then a peewee hockey goalie.

My parlay this week.... Vikes (-6.5) and the Giants (-7) MOTOR CITY KITTIES ARE GOING DOWN!

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