Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sigh and more sighs

Tried hoping on Partypoker last night while working off my UltimateBet bonus (more on that later). Hit up a $25PLHE table, 3 to a flush flops I hold the nut King, do you think it would hit? Naw. But hey AA held up for a whopping $5 payday! I don't like the idea of slowplaying aces since I've gotten burnt on it more times then not (the exception is hitting a set + no scary flush/straight draws of course). I had a flops seen percentage that would have made Chris H. proud (15% in 100 hands, and I can count 3 times that I voluntarily stayed in. Horrible horrible cards. I played in a couple $5 SnGs to make myself feel better... tripled up early with PRESTO! Then lost A5 vs. Aj I flop two pair, he hits his jack on the turn. Gah, welcome to 7th place. Tried one more, got down to 4 and I pick up AA on the button, I push in my meager stack and someone stayed in with Q7... which hit a broadway straight. Great, wonderful, sigh.

Well UB wasn't a total wash, managed to win 18BB at the $1/$2 tables over 1.5 hours of play. I was up 25BB on one table but a series of AK vs. my KK and he calls to the river to get..... an A, sigh. 4 - 5- 6, and I hold 4 - 5 in the BB, I bet, get called, turn 9, I bet, get called, river A, I check, he bets.... turns over A9, sigh. Oh well, guess they were taking their $$ back after I rivered a Kings over 4s to bet someones flopped set of 8s.

The nice bonus was trying out a UB points SnG for PL Omaha (a.k.a. BINGO!). Sure enough while I got myself a lemonade 2 people were knocked out on the first hand. I got shortstacked early and had to play on my belly most of the time. Then I caught a set of Aces, a nut flush, and the barn burner with 3 people left a flopped nut boat with two aces on the board. I trapped the other guy who had the 4th ace and suddenly I was tied for the chip lead going heads up. I don't remember much but I hit a set of queens plus an inside nut straight draw. The other hit his wheel but mine was 7 high plus if the board paired... he went all-in, of course I called and won. I earned 500 UB points for the Rocky-like come from behind victory. I don't know what to do know that Grubby said that I didn't get under his flag at UB due to a computer mixup, which sucks since that's the only reason I was playing there in the first place. I hope UB fixes it and gives him the credit he deserves for the referral.

Had dinner with the grandparents tonight, Grandma isn't looking too good so I was glad to see her in good spirits. She's still smoking and sipping on Whiskey and water but why give up the things you enjoy if your on your way out?

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