Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Down 38BB at .50/1 poker???

I got killed playing shorthanded .50/1 LHE at Absolute last night. Raise with AA? HA! Loser to 78o, 84 sOOOOOOOOOted, and 22 (unsuited thank god). I'd make a raise all 6 people stayed in to the river (and I'd hit TPTK) and a ragged two pair would hit for one of the 6, bleh. I tried being sneaky with a hand like KK, flop a boat and.... win the blinds because no one bet. I did win 14BB at the 1/2 table to cushion the spankings at the other table but I'm still picking out the splinters this morning.

Found out amateur night at the $25PLO8 table @ Party are not just for the weekend. Couldn't catch a hand to trap on all night but watching some of the showdown hands left me hungry to come back again.

Me and wife signed a bunch of forms for a new house YEA!!!! Now, all that's waiting is we need to sell our current house. The backyard is beautiful, nice neighborhood, I hope we get it.

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