Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Working on SnG/Tourney play

I'm going to get away from the cash games (minus earning UB points playing $1/$2 LHE) to clear my bonus and hopefully get things squared away with Grubby. If it doesn't happen, oh well I've found a new cool place to play!

Since I've been feeling like shit (cold, flu, lack of sleep) I decided to play in some SnGs for a week or so since I have some red flowing on pokertracker in this catagory. 2 $5 SnGs on Party and 1 $5 SnG on UB. Yes I know the 20% juice sucks on Party but I've been at least better then break even on these ($10 ones are another story....).

One table consisted of 5 badass high school/college yahoos coaching, one consisted of no chat what-so-ever, and the UB table had someone really pissed off and decided to make his night by flaming the table for the whole tourney after he had a tough beat.

The no chat table... I finished 6th after getting blinded down, I flopped top pair with KQ, pushed and got called by K6... but waited it was sOOOOOOOOOOted, and a runner runner flush showed me the door

The AOL chat room table, I doubled up early with pocket 8s, flopped a set and someone went all-in with second pair and an ace (I'll take the gift). I got lucky with 3 left hitting two pair on the river with J2o but since I only had 3X BB it was worth the chance. Got down to heads up holding ATo and flop coming A - 8 - 9, I bet, he pushed, I put all in, he held T9 and my aces held up for a win!

The UB table I was down to the felt several times, but I caught some good cards with 3 people left K2o and a flop of K - K - 2, he bet into it, I called, a rag turn, he pushed with 77, I called. Last hand heads up I caught slick, he smooth called my min raise, flops comes 3 - K - K (think the kings liked me tonight?), I min bet, he called, turn the case K, he pushed, I typed "sorry man the kings are liking me tonight". Chalk up another win!

I think I'm going to stick around the $5 level longer since everytime I try for the $10 level I get killed for some reason. If someone has a comment or a tip, please feel free to drop a line :)

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