Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fishies bite back!

Took in my first lost last night at PLO8, lost two stacks to rivered full house with my nut flush :( Its making me a little gun shy, but damn these people play trash like its the nuts. But the cards never came last night and I was out two buy-ins.

Fired up a $5 SnG before heading to bed to make me feel better, had a nice chip lead with 5 left and got dealt TT in the SB. Folds around to me I raise the BB to push him all in (he managed to suckout AA and QQ with two pairs, so I was ready to bend over myself. Sure enough he calls with K5o and spikes a K. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I said my "nice hand" and later bumped him out with AJs vs. KJo. But without the commanding chip lead I had I got blinded down too much and only took 3rd (moral victory after a bad night in the cash games?).

Still got 600 hands to go for the Absolute bonus. Tough place to play, too much of a mix of total fishes and tight-aggressive players. I play sort of weak-tight there for that reason.

Today we had someone coming over for a 2nd viewing of our house WOOWOO! If they put up a purchasing agreement we're good to go for the place we want :)

Might be heading out to Mystic Lake casino this weekend for my mom's b-day (tradition) for some -EV action (I can't resist the Reel Em' slots). Wish me luck!

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