Thursday, October 21, 2004

More Pacific fun

I started Sunday with $2.72 at Pacific, after a couple referrals, 2 $2.20 20 person SnGs, and a $8.80 20 person SnG its up to $227.72

I won the $8.80 SnG last night, made some decent traps and blind steals, but most of all I only got sucked out once when I was the favorite. Big Slick held up, Mrs. Slick came through twice, I dumped 6s and KQs in LP after an all-in raise. I think I'm finally becoming a better tournament player, or at least a more patient one. I'll be joining the bloggers today at Stars for Iggy's tournament tonight, I expect to be the second one knocked out. Hopefully I'll be able to bump someone out for a bounty before I get the boot.

Note to self: $25 PLO8 is not good to play while not paying attention. I played god-awful cards, I got 2nd best hands, I paid the price. Granted the rest of the table was playing bad cards too but that's no excuse. Luckly I hopped into a $25NLHE table and was able to double my stack with KK vs. AQs. I wonder though if I pushed too quick, I was in LP, someone in EP raised to $2, MP called, another MP called then it came to me. Should I have made a pot size raise instead? Hindsight is 20/20 of course because the pair flopped a set and would have been nuts. Grrrrrrr. But, I've found that everytime I slowplay I invite the PartyKarmaPokerGods to put my nuts into a walnut cracker and laugh at me while I apply ice to the wound.

See everyone tonight, $20 is the largest amount I've put up for a MTT online so I hope I don't retreat into granite mode.

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