Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pacific Poker again?

After receiving two very generous referrals from people I met at Absolute (Thanks Travis and Matt), I've dabbled around the site again (it was the first online poker site I joined) to find the competition has not changed.

Played in a $2 2-table SnG and after only playing 4 hands found myself at the final table. I was one of the shorter stacks but after some blind steals and some overly aggressive play by the other players I found myself in the money and eventually taking 2nd. I believe I played maybe 15 hands to get to the final 2 and lost when 4 - 4 went up against 9 - 9.

I went to watch my wife play volleyball last night, not the prettiest thing in the world to watch but after all these years of her watching me play softball and volleyball I thought it was due that I should become a spectator. She made some mistakes but the best part was her smile even though her team didn't win a game all night. She was genuinely having fun, and it made me happy to see it.

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