Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Quick night

I was damn tired after only getting a little sleep the night before so this evening I just fired up a quick 20 person $2 + $.20 SnG on Pacific. The last one I played in I took 2nd so I wasn't counting on continued success, I was waiting for a suckout but alas some slow-plays and timely bets netted me another 2nd (yes I suck at heads-up play, no I will not play you heads-up). Except this time I thought I did fine heads-up but my opponent thought his cards were better (they weren't) and as he pushed in vs. my flopped two pair thought his Ace high was good on a 4 - Q - 2 flop, unfortunately for me the river brought a 5, which gave him a wheel. Sigh, maybe next time.

Fired up Stars for the time in a while to sign up for the blogger tourney (DON'T TAKE ALL MY MONEY PLEASE!) and played a little .50/1 while I was finishing up the SnG on Pacific. The players seemed quite bad this evening, a big difference from the last time I was there getting check-raised while holding the 2nd nuts and losing. Made my 4BB after an hour and felt satisified. Question about the FPP they give out... how the hell is a low stakes player like me supposed to earn any points when the pot has to be $10 in a .50/1 to get just one FPP? That's the reason why I didn't reload because getting 600 FPP would take at least 3,000 hands if not more to achieve. I've heard UB is the same way so I'm skeptical of putting money in there especially since I play .50/1 to burn off bonuses (but I will dabble with 1/2 since I'm getting more comfortable at that level.

Found out a good friend of mine is having difficulties with her pregnancy. All I could offer was a prayer and a sounding board if she needed to talk to someone. I hope things go well for her, she deserves it.

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