Monday, October 11, 2004

Up and down

Yesterday certainly was an adventure on the tables. I finally got back to even on the Absolutepoker tables with Hilton Sisters quads on a flop and three people betting into me (too bad it was .50/1 limit).

Tried out $25PLO high/low yesterday, talk about a bingo game! Managed to double my stack but my god some of the hands these guys were betting their stacks with made me wonder if they were thinking this was funny money. I think I'll be investing more time at these tables, they seem very profitable compared to the limit Omaha tables.

I think I managed a $5 profit after dropping $15 at the $25NLHE tables (played bored the whole time) and a wild $10 SnG (AJs vs. KQo, two of my suit on the flop, he catches a runner runner boat, bleh!).

My son has not been a happy camper lately hopefully its just a new tooth coming in. His screaming has made my ears ring so much I keep picking up the phone.

Tonight is my mother-in-law's b-day and we're going to Billy's in Anoka. Good eats, good wings, and plenty of Monday Night Football. :D

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