Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'll Take Whatawinner In the 8th For $20 WPS

Being very green to the political arena... do Reps really push this sort of narrow-minded crap thru the legislative halls? Tubing and beer go hand-in-hand, luckily the best tubing in the area is on the Apple River in Wisconsin away from nanny attempts such as the ones included in that posting.

Sound familiar?

Ok, no more woe is online poker posting, I'll leave those stories at my other blog. Speaking of which, I did manage a short Omaha think-tank type post last night if you're into the four card game. You can check it out here.

Like many others, work is kicking my ass so I'm cutting this short and without any pretty metaphors to describe my new found addiction. American Idol. I have much hate for those who turned me and the wife towards watching that damn show. Feel free to give yourselves a wedgie or something. (I think the barefoot dude and Indian kid are going to get the boot)

Thanks for dropping by, now Gary Carson provides an excellent arguement about how a carve-out for online poker doesn't help anything because the payment processor issues would still persist. My counter-arguement is... what wouldn't the same processors currently used by LEGAL online wagering sites such as be used by the poker sites (which are correctly noted as still legal despite the UIGEA). Which he responded to, excellent thought process.

Speaking about horsey wagering... one of my favorite jockeys at Canterbury has been barred from Tampa Bay Downs for unspecified reasons and is finally getting back to work recently at Hawthorne and will hopefully be returning to Canterbury this summer. BG, did you hear about this?

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