Saturday, February 03, 2007


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Hauling around my twenty dollar placemat with chip holders to home games brought the usual groans from my friends. Unfortunately, none of them had the insight to maybe go out and purchase their own poker table and chips so we have wouldn’t have to contend with spilt drinks every time someone came back from pouring themselves a new beverage.

Enter CardroomSupply with their massive online showroom, stuffed with everything a decent home game needs. Just click on the “Texas Hold Em’ Tables” section to find many different racetrack table variations and prices to suit any aspiring Gus Hansen wannabe. There’s everything from the $175.00 folding table top, to the customizable felt which can be branded with you own logo, and finally the Weber “Top Section” casino hold em’ table for the looks and feel of the Bellagio minus the dancing water shows and hot waitresses.

Move on to the “Card Supplies” section to grab a deck of spill-proof Copag’s and tournament timers to keep your ten dollar sit and go tourney running smoothly. Personally I can think of many games that have been ruined by poor quality cards and the timer on the microwave being too far away to notify us of a level change. $19.99 gets you two decks of Copags and $29.99 will snag a nifty tourney timer that doubles as a dealer button.

So if you’re still giving away money to your friends at the poker tables, at least upgrade your poker surroundings at

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