Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Word From PokerSourceOnline

If you play online poker, you probably know about affiliates. These are the guys who get paid to bring players to the different online poker rooms. And you may already know about Poker Source Online, the home of the original poker promotion. The folks at PSO were the first ones to pay players back for signing up through them by rewarding them with free gifts. PSO is also the biggest and best when it comes to free money promotions, and is a well-respected rakeback site, as well.

But that’s all obvious. What people forget sometimes is that Poker Source Online is a true poker community. The PSO poker forum is about to hit 50,000, making it one of the largest poker message boards on the internet. Here, you can reach the PSO staff if you need help with your promotion, ask others their thoughts on the different promotions before you signup, talk poker strategy, or just discuss what’s on your mind. In true community fashion, even if a PSO staff member is not immediately available, oftentimes a fellow PSO’er will be there to lend a helping hand. Many regulars have been with PSO from its infancy, and have contributed hundreds and thousands of posts. Brand new customers find out every day how friendly a place PSO can be and often become full-fledged diehards in a short period of time. In fact, a few loyal PSO’ers rose from the ranks and eventually joined the PSO team!

Everyone in the PSO community is eligible for the site’s freeroll tournaments, usually held at least once per month. They cost nothing to enter (hence the word “freeroll”), but PSO puts up thousands of dollars in prize money, just to give back to its customers. A few special freerolls have seen winners walk away with free cruises…one player even won a $10,000 seat at the U.S. Poker Championships!

One thing that has recently become very popular is the PSO poker league. It’s not quite free, but it’s cheap, and the prizes are huge. The buy-in is typically around $5 per tournament, and the payout structures are standard, but PSO has always added a boatload of money and prizes for the top finishers in both the individual events and in the final standings. On top of the regular prizes, there are often bounties announced on some players’ heads, making the competition even more fun, and more intense. Of course, what’s a little spirited competition without the ability to trash talk? PSO has an IRC chat room just for that, too.

So when you head on over to Poker Source Online to get your free goodies just for playing online poker, don’t forget that there is a whole poker community there for you, too. Take a spin around the site. You’ll like what you’ll see.

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