Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rockin Mediocrity With Flair

Absolute Poker continues to irritate me as a “customer service rep” decided to tell me my eyewear prescription is out-of-date and the balance of my account should be the amount given by PokerSourceOnline several days ago. I informed the helpful desk jockey that indeed the balance of my account sits at a modest $1.40 at the present time, and that this was not the first time they have misaligned my funds as I’m not motivated enough to start a low-limit, self-abusing challenge on the penny tables to grind enough Lincoln coins for an extra packet of honey mustard sauce at McDonald’s.

But, with some nifty “confirmation” numbers I was shown that indeed the funds were used… just not placed into my account and we’re back to square minus one. Last time this was cleared up in four days, its day six at the moment and Richard Hatch is still trying to talk Rob and Amber into an alliance with no avail. We’ll see this evening if my well-crafted email describing the weight of a small blog is enough to win the reward challenge and maybe I’ll receive a slice of pizza (pepperoni and bacon please), a toothbrush, a fishing net, and some peppermint lotion (cold weather dries the skin yo).

As for building my own little tower of chips without the assistance of someone who learned the wonders of clicking their right mouse button, I managed to earn an entire U.S. dollar yesterday thanks to a Hold Em’ table of sunglasses wearing WPT fanbois taking my PLO8 profits. I wasn’t about to call down with 4th pair or make a world-class bluff against kids who bet $24 into a $3 pot with only $60 behind. I managed to get check-raised seven times in a course of an hour but six of the times it went to showdown with other players and I patted myself on the back for releasing to a superior hand, still didn’t help the losing though.

Win the max, lose the min, and try the veal, right?

Reading Bill’s excellent adventure with the new payment processors and Neteller is quite alarming and should be a wake up call for those who think life on the virtual felt will continue to be as smooth as a Grammy award winning Bobby McFarrin song. At least I should be able to snag that iPod before the peas and chicken noodle soup filled diaper hits the fan. But, I’m not blind to the fact that the funds sitting within Stars and Full Tilt at the present time are not going to easily make it to Best Buy to purchase the Wii (or any games) any time soon. Doesn’t it seem as though we’re playing with play chips despite the $ sitting behind the numbers in our stacks?

Once the liquidity left my virtual accounts, I have lost all regards of those funds as being “money”. I wonder how many other players feel the same way.

Thanks for dropping by, now don’t worry, be happy (just don’t expect to see your Neteller funds anytime soon).

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