Monday, February 19, 2007

Marshmallow Horseshoes and Nine Essential Minerals and Vitamins

I’m too lazy this morning to check on Brd’s and Iak’s progress in the FTOPS main event from last night. After watching Brd’s luckbox get set to 11, I figured a high finish was in order.

Is it ok to crack a smile on a Monday morning?

The poker tables were kind to me this weekend as I managed to squeeze a slightly larger then usual win from some very tight PLO8 tables at Full Tilt (Average pot $9?!?!), and avoid the huge variance swings at the rocking 6-max tables at Stars. Suddenly the scraps I have left from the recent cash out are starting to turn into a workable bankroll again, and I won’t have to suffer (bad slide notwithstanding) the salt mines of the $25 and $50 games. Normally I advocate playing those soft lower limit games, but they have turned granite hard recently and finding the juicy games have been few and far between. Absolute has shown some promise, but as soon as I see a juicy game the regulars swoop in like groupies on Tommy Lee’s oversized purple mushroom and suck off the fish before I get the chance to win a little for myself.

Hopefully this uptick of luck and bad players last long enough to get me a plane ticket and hotel room for a trip I’m planning in the fall, especially since I’m told wheelchairs will be made readily available.

Lee Jones. Make it happen sir. And thank you for the ease of cashing out this past week.

Does anyone watch NASCAR besides Chris “I Forgot How To Blog” Halverson? Did Tony Stewart get Busched, or the other way around? And it was anti-climatic for Viagra pitch man Mark Martin as NASCAR’s answer to Phil Michelson finished inches from satisfying his sponsors. When you stop booing the bad puns, read on.

Has anyone done some volunteer work lately? I haven’t and dropping by a local nursing home this past weekend to spend time with the old folks might be a reason why I’m wide awake this morning and not hating the data-entry laden day I have ahead of me. Ethel lived on a farm growing up, currently stood at 93 years old, and proclaimed me to be younger then her grandsons. I believed her since she managed to provide a visual demonstration on how to milk a cow.

We moved around the room where the ben-gay type smell was canceled by the industrial strength sanitizer used on the floor, to help the folks put together collages of their favorite things and chat a little bit.

Made my weekend.

Of course we weren’t discussing the UIEGA’s backlash or the most current suicide bombing in the middle east. No, Roberto wanted to talk about his days of walleye fishing on Mille Lacs and drawing nude females in chalk while growing up as a starving artist in St. Paul. Luckily my conversational skills outweighed my inability to apply the stick paste to back of the various outdoor scenes. Playboy and Penthouse cut outs were not made available in the rec room but the cranberry juice was top-notch!

I’d elaborate more but sadly the Cap’n Cokes I downed while bowling on the Wii last night has killed a few too many brain cells.

Thanks for dropping by, now has anyone had to deal with Paypal’s un-customer friendly service?

Email: Three attempts, three robot messages, none pertaining to my issue (getting a “no longer able to use this email address” message when I can make purchases just fine.

Phone call: One attempt, twenty plus minutes of listening to the same gas bag message of “this call is sooooooooooo important to us that once you actually wait long enough we’ll hang up on you!” 24 minutes and one broken receiver after being disconnected without talking to someone.

I think I’m ready to give this company a five knuckle unlubbed enema… if I could get a hold of anyone.

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