Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Dud

One of four on my picks, I blame Scared-a-tari for kicking away from Hester, dashing my dreams of hitting a 25-1 shot which looked pretty good on the opening kickoff.

Congrats to the Baltimore… er Indianapolis Colts on your fine victory! Obviously Sexy Rexy didn’t slay enough virgins during the game to expedite the fungo balls he lofted for the Colts’ secondary to pick off. You’d think he was playing a game of 500 with a football in a sandlot with the kids from his second grade class during recess instead of playing in the Super Bowl.

Sexy Rexy’s play wasn’t the shocker, it was Manning actually using the word “team” during a post-game interview with Mortensen from ESPN. I nearly fainted viewing the “Sunday Conversation” this morning while plowing through the nastiest fruity pebble’s flavor ever conceived. Next time when clearanced cereal is purchased at Target, I won’t be expecting the next Honeycombs or Sugar Corn Pops.

Show of hands… who thinks Manning deserved the MVP?

If you raised your hand, your new nickname is “Sheep”. You probably voted for Taylor Hicks, so go in the pen and wait to be sheered.

I know co-MVPs selections have happened once in Super Bowl history but why shouldn’t Addai and Rhodes been named the co-MVPs? Yes, the MVP award is about as objective as judging the Miss America pageant or the X-Games Snowboarding finals but the duo racked up some serious stats and not to mention kept Sexy Rexy off the field; shielding him from further embarrassment. And I’m sure Cadillac could have sported for another car because the advertisement time paid for the “free” vehicle ten times over.

Did the game seem about as blasé as Manning’s personality? I didn’t get excited, the commercials were mostly a bust (except for that roshambo Bud Light commercial), and I didn’t even consume enough alcohol for a light buzz. The game was more Corn Flakes versus Cookie Crisps, and needed flair like mom’s cheesy potatoes and chicken wings.

On a side note, I won playing poker this weekend, but Absolute is going on my shit list again for screwing up my payment again. Here’s an easy idea Absolute… if the payment hasn’t been credited to my account, don’t write a fuckin email telling me the funds are ready for play. As I was ready to start a little mini-roll challenge (on Keep Your Poker Face) to build $65 into something meaningful like $75, but Absolute struck out for the weekend as they never replied to my calm reply like I just received homestyle fries instead of curly fries at the Arby’s drive thru sort-of-way email when I saw a balance of $1.40 staring back at me trying to sign up for a $5 tourney. We’ll see if they remember the Arby sauce at least.

Please correct it sirs as I dream of becoming a hundred-aire and getting enough AP points for another pair of ball-hugging PJ bottoms from your “VIP” store.

Thanks for dropping by, now here’s the site for the Bud Commerical (hopefully will have it soon as you have to dish out information for this site).

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