Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carrot > Wheaton Trolls

Granted its a shitty way to boot people, but aren't sororities private clubs that have hand-picked their members for over a century? Its like giving trophies to the losing team of a baseball tourney, the kids don't learn the rewards/consequence of competition and are softened to the point where just participating is enough, the sorority exclusions is just another example of this type of upbringing.

I participated in the final table on the Wheaton Bucks 2nd chance tourney, and was the bubble boy after three hours, where's my participation ribbon?

Tough luck Drizz, come back another time (and I will). And how Wil puts up with those mouth-breathing, burger flipping, MySpace tween trolls is beyond my scope of patience. I was at his table for most of the night, kudos to you for keeping your cool like that. That has to go way beyond the job description to put up with eleventee billion (Wil's phrase) questions about why he's not crushing the $50/$100 NLHE game. Higher stakes != better player, but the trolls only see the blingz of the $1,000 check-raises versus a $5 MTT and they'll never learn it as you'll still get challenged to a HUs match with the 5th grade wordsmith.

Speaking of 5th Graders... that UCLA grad majoring in History and spacing out on every question to him during the new quiz show on Fox?!?!? Sad world we live in. It will be even sadder if the curry-flavored Michael Jackson is allowed to come back next week on Idol. I curse the houses who vote for him.

Vegas was up the whole night so I'll going to drift off into zombie, cubical land as there's endless work to be done (actually I enjoy that).

Thanks for dropping by, now I'm not the Starbucks-type who infuses their work morning with a $7 halfa-frappa-mocha-double-expresso-64 oz. coffee, how do you get moving without caffeine when working on zero sleep?

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