Monday, February 26, 2007

I Gamble Therefore I Am

Work, ass, kicking.

Getting much done, but still falling further behind. I think I finally have the job I want :)

Poker theme for the weekend:

Cash games, good.

Tourneys, bad.

Sorry to disappoint Don, short stacks don't make for interesting PLO play since you have to hit your draw (or they have to miss), and can't play many speculative hands before you're committing your whole stack. Excuses excuses I know, maybe next time I'll fare a little better.

On a happy note I cashed in a Stud H/L dollah tourney which kept me from getting back to my new Zelda obsession. I knew that Wii would curb my poker addiction, only to fall into another one :) At least this vice will only cost me a few hours of time versus the hair pulling agony of watching some mouth breather take your stack of hardly earned dollars/rupees/pounds/euros because "he had a feeling".

Actually I still like poker.

So much in fact, I will be playing a lot of it live (relatively) in the next coming month:

March 8th: Comped room and St. Louis Ribs dinner at Grand Casino Hinckley (thanks to dropping a little too much on the slots in my previous visit). This time I'm parking my ass in the three seat and will not be temped by those Monopoly "Big Event" slots.

March 24th: Black Bear Casino/Bowling tourney, cheap drinks and bad bowling at the alley, then poker at their smallish room tucked behind the blackjack pit where no slots are within easy reach. Have never won here, but I've got a feeling this time that my gutshot straights and backdoor flush draws will be coming in. Or I'll get drunk and blow my bankroll on the penny slots.

April 1st: Vegas. No April Fools joke here, wife wanted to go, we had a chat about the previous visit (both of our attitudes and my alcohol tolerance sucked) and we're staying at MGM Grand for the week plus seeing the Crazy Horse (formerly La Femme) show. I heart boobs. I don't have a cell phone (will have a number to call) but I'd like to meet up with some fine Vegas bloggers if you're available for donkey poker and a bite to eat on one of the days.

Thanks for dropping by, now can you believe that it snowed in Minnesota yesterday??


And my groin pulled attest to the dangers of pulling a toddler in a sled up a hill several times without performing some proper stretching, like this young lady.

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