Thursday, November 15, 2007

Away Game

Drizz will be attending a home game tomorrow that doesn't include the groomsmen from his wedding, degnerate gamblers who type letters on the internets and make prop bets on who gets up from a recliner first and whether not you can get fat, nor are they going to be related to myself.

It is in the ghetto (anywhere with Minneapolis in the address) so I'll be holstering my father Marine issued sidearm while welding my trusty softball bat in my right hand to bludgeon that potential bad man in the polo shirt with a little alligator on it into a pool of his own life blood should he break my 100 foot radius personal bubble.

Wish me luck.

Tonight, we'll bring sexy back to poker as its drunken poker night and time for me to attempt again to play tournament poker for an evening and push AQs into QQ because I totally rule at the pokers! The Cap'n Cokes will be tasty and hopefully I can make some money back making last longer bets with Speaker.

22 days till Vegas kids.

Open Question:

Is there a chance for the World Series of Pai Gow to happen? I suggest the Gold Coast (I miss the ice queen of a pit boss from there and I'm sure she hasn't been able to cope with life after I left).

Just a thought. Or we could make prop bets on who will pass out prior to putting their room key in the appropriate slot.

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