Friday, November 16, 2007

Things Not To Put On Your Dick: Part 2

While visiting a local Buffalo Wild Wings and my son enjoying the video game plastered right into the booth, we managed to have a meal together that didn't end with having to change anyone's clothes or apologize to the waitress for recreating the Normandy Invasion around the table using ketchup, spilled milk, and various bits of food that daughter deemed unworthy of digestion.

However, Wyatt had to use the restroom and after downing the gallon size pops you get dinner there (despite FREE REFILLS!) we all resigned to the bathroom.

Unfortunately for my lower region under my Cap'n Morgan boxers, I had used just a common napkin while extracting the unholiness hotness from my fingers that is injected into those "Blazin" wings and as I gave it a last shake the burn came on. I was left to suck it up as rinsing my dick off in the sink may have attracted unwanted male attention (not that there's anything wrong with that), not to mention explaining to my son why his father looked like Lucas after putting on the loaded jock strap without a bird bath nearby to put out the flame.

I think I have issues.

Have a good weekend folks, and good luck to those shooting for the big bucks in the FTOPS tourneys!

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