Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Poke of Sunlight

I'm too wired about Vegas to write anything of substance right now. Or it could be the fact that the theory of inverse stupidity tournament play panned out yet again.

The Theorem rule is basically this...

If you want to bust out of a lower buy-in tourney to get some sleep due to life hitting you like the wind chill in Minnesota while crossing a darkened parking lot at 5:30am, you will suckout like a fluffer in a web cam gang bang.

After I took A8 (personally I call this "The Fat Tourist") with my micro stack against QQ and sucked out trip8s, I managed to chip up enough during the Omaha rounds of the Dookie to get to heads up with a fellow Cap'n Coke drunkard Hoy. Congrats to Hoy on taking care of that 750ml of Morgan and my weak play like a pro.

I'll be at the Mall of America this weekend for a little mini-vacation with the family. The waterpark/hotel two day stay was my penance to join you degenerates next week. Cheers.

8 days.

Edit: Fuck the NFL Network for monopolizing a very good football game tonight. Despite having a deep dislike for both teams, good football is good football and forcing me to go to a bar that will mostly likely contain 95% Farve Fanbois to view the contest is plain rude of them.

There better be 2 for 1s

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