Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WPBT: Five Points to Follow

WPBT notes because its like only 17 days away and some people haven't even been to Vegas before!!

First and foremost, unless you don't read blogs, Dr. Pauly's tips on surviving a weekend with the bloggers should be your first read before heading to the Imperial Palace Geisha Bar to meet your favorite scribes. Take special note of number two, do not attempt a re-creation of my strip-wide wheelchair ride. I had a personal reason for going on a bender like that, and it had nothing to do with my birthday (which falls on the Saturday while we're there again) or trying to keep up with Al.

Second, make sure you're following the skinny playwright in a plaid skirt blog. Latest update on the tourney pushed it back to 3pm with advice to drink heavily. I plan to follow the sage's words.

Third, check out the prop board at this golfing pro's site: Number #42 for StB is a sucker's bet, he'll clear that before the kickoff of the Cowboys game with ease. As for me and another wheelchair ride, I don't plan on it, but I didn't plan on riding a mechanical bull in Key West either.

Fourth, while you'll be surrounded by people you read everyday, free booze, and free porn slapping, make sure you take time to do a little "raging solo". I tend to do this at eight or so in the morning and get text messages from concerned bloggers like "Are you still alive dude?" since I rarely even visit the hotel room . Personally, I go grab a breakfast sandwich or buffet (MGM is awesome) then just railbird some gaming tables or take a walk down the strip in my shorts and t-shirt to point and laugh at those who are wearing snowsuits and mittens while hitting up the porn slappers for fresh off the press boobies.

Fifth, if you see this stare while you're looking at top pair top kicker (pic courtesy of Otis):

You're about to get check-raised for your stack. Fold.

Thanks for dropping by, now as I mentioned a need for the World Series of Pai Gow... Otis delievers. Get your bets and greyhounds ready!!!

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