Thursday, November 08, 2007

If You Go Deep and Don't Cash Did You Even Play?

I think I need work on avoiding the one big hand prior to the bubble after being four of the money in the Moooooooookie and 10 off the money in a smallish $5 MTT where I stole for 45 minutes straight with my short stack (6BBs) before the hyper-big stack had enough and called my ATs push with the all powerful 43o.

Well played sir.

More points for the BBT2, but damn it sucks to be bubbling so close to the money this many times. Last night I just ran face first into Aces thinking it was a late position steal, a flopped sets of jacks gave me hope but with 9 to K straight on the board IGHN .

I r smrt pkr playa.

Starting QB for the Vikes gets announced today, does seem wrong that I hope the backup gets the start? I'd rather not have to succumb to wearing Packer gear at the IP/Mandalay Bay sportsbook next month.

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