Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tomorrow Isn't Looking Good Either

Last night epitomized my journey through the wrong side of the percentages as I continued my 0 for Hoy streak to the point that I’m done donating money. I’m not a rebuy tournament player although I understand the basic strategies behind it, but with a month long losing streak my psyche wasn’t in the right place for dishing out more then the four buy ins I gave away after my flopped top two couldn't run down someone's higher kicker on the river.

To add insult to injury, I managed to bubble a Razz MTT after almost three hours when someone wouldn’t let go of his 9 doorcard versus my 8 on fifth street and managed a runner runner 6 low. Two negatives make a positive?

Kinda hard to write about poker when the negative results pile up, granted I did have a seven month win streak prior to this but when the other side of the coin comes and your ego dries up like Florida retiree’s skin just typing words feels like boulders resting on your fingertips. Good luck to those in the running for Oz, I wish you the best while I go back to more enjoyable activities like throwing myself off the roof of my house.


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