Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who's The Real Donkey?

A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame
someone else.

-- John Burroughs

When your chip stack proclaims a fat zero dollars, euros, drachmas, or loonies what is your first thought?

“That donkey sucked out on me, this game is rigged so bad players keep winning!”

“WTF!! How could he call with that crap when he should have been thinking I had the flush that I represented!”

“Coin flip taken, coin flip lost, poker sucks”

Now look at each statement in a different way:

“Oh, it was only small percentage of his stack to call, and he had the chance to knock someone out with two cards that were likely live”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to outplay him/her because “a move” is only as good as the other person holding cards”

“My stack was getting low and I took a chance that didn’t pan out where’s my new Cap’n Coke at?”

As I watched the running virtual spades drop last night I turned off the monitor, said my good nights and good lucks to Speaker who was motoring along in the 28K guarantee at Full Tilt as I busted somewhere in the 200s. Sure I had the opening raising small blind dominated with my QJs vs. his Q3s, sure I flopped a Jack to force running cards to beat me, but I didn’t place any blame. Maybe it’s the numbness after losing for a solid four weeks, or maybe I finally realized that instead of cursing the RNG for delivering the runner runner flush to the elephant, I could feel good about putting my money in good AND feel ok with his aggressive play that just got lucky.

I only had 8 BBs left behind and was ripe for someone to try to steal my blinds, but with QJs and hopefully live cards I was ready to push them in against any single raiser and no callers.

So, instead of tossing the cat towards Lake Superior and rambling off a tirade that would make George Carlin blush, I went to bed with the Mookie tonight on my mind because unfortunately I haven’t been playing in as many BBT2 events as I’ve wanted to. And I’d like to go to Australia.

See you tonight.

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