Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Could Someone Kindly Remove the Lure from the Packer Fans?

At least the press can get one thing right:

St. Paul, Minnesota is the number one place to come to for hockey. Damn straight.

If you're a hockey fan, there's no better place to come to then "The X" for game and the bars surrounding the place (since every ticket is sold out for the rest of the season that's probably where you're going to watch it from).

As for the recent rash of underground poker games being robbed and a very unfortunate death, I wish lawmakers would see it as an opportunity to improve security of these games, but most likely the bible thumpers will dance them to a different groove towards BAN BAN BAN ITS EVIL!!!!!1111oneoneone

No soapbox for me as I gear up for a week of Packer - Viking smack talk at KFAN.com and some Packer fans here that seem to have a super-sized shad rap stuck in mouths. Yes, little fishies it will all be over soon....

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