Monday, November 19, 2007

It Tastes Like Unflavored Water

You heard it here first.

The Vikes are not going to the playoffs this year.

Shocking I know, and please put down all liquids before reading that or it may stain your computer monitor or make the keys on your laptop sticky.

The Purple won, but was it exciting? It felt like they took down a $1 SnG when your bankroll is in the thousands. Fun, yes, but did do anything to advance the team’s bottom line towards becoming a solid playoff team again? Not really, they beat a worse team at home while fumbling more times then your first attempt to hit on that hot blonde with the Cosmo in her finely manicured hand after getting your ass handed to you by your friends while playing $20 a game eight ball at the local Dave and Busters.

If you took Chester Taylor yesterday for your Fantasy Football Live team? Well done. My Purple Jesus glasses forgot that the front line has been dominating all year at home and you could put Ki-Jana Carter back there and he’d rack up 100+ and a touchdown at least. And for those who have prayed to the Enlightened One for fantasy glory… he’s running lightly again, and could be back next week (but in my opinion he shouldn’t come back all year).

Do you feel dirty if you had T.O. or Randy Moss in your FSL team yesterday? Or if you finally cashed after 10 weeks but LOST TO A GIRL?!?!? Sigh.

Ben Watson can kiss my frozen Nordic ass for his garbage TD which cost me the victory in a game that looked like the freshmen team taking on the varsity squad. Those Pats can play.

Due to sheer exhaustion, I bowed out of the Big Game last night with regrets for the great job this BBT2 series has been. Had it been a $10 buy in tourney I probably would play, but for “higher” stakes I want to bring my best game to the table and not waste $75 just for the sake of being there. I’ll return tonight to open shove my Aces five times in a row unless the malaise comes over me again.

Thanks for dropping by, now congrats to Jimmy Johnson for winning the NASCAR thingy!

He wins an almost year long competition worth millions and Sportscenter devotes an entire weekend to Barry Bonds while giving him a sound bite in between jacking off to Moss and T.O. this morning.

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