Monday, November 05, 2007

Tomlinson Who?

While Red Soxs fans corner the market on biggest annoyance outside of taking a 20 minute dump and realizing you have no toilet paper. Packer fans can be found slurping turpentine out of a Big Gulp mug behind the nearest 7-11 while jacking off to pictures of Farve’s Wranglers ads in Bow Hunter and Muzzleloaders Monthly could be coined as a close second.

I respect Packer fans unlike those who root on some team that willingly throws money at whomever they want, despite being a die hard Vikings fan and born to hate those in the green and gold. The Packer have grit, they play hard despite having one star on the team who WILL be found sucking on Pat Williams’ anus after big Pat clubs him to the Lambeau turf hard enough to imprint the yardage stripes on his back on Sunday.

Next week you get the honor of hosting Purple Jesus. Yes, He will come to your field and grace you with His glory and show just why He has returned to Earth to don shoulder pads and punish those who stand in His way of the endzone.


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