Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008? Are We Old Yet?

The toys have all the necessary batteries, some have already fallen to misuse, and others have had Full Tilt installed much to the delight of players who enjoy poking sharp sticks at me playing trash and hitting. But, poker and I are doing fine despite the results not turning around recently to a positive note or general increase under the balance section.

New Years started with a chick fight, and ended with hugs, kisses, and numb fingers wrapped around decent cigars out in the garage knocking back stories of wasabi, golf, and drinking a little more then the gas tank can handle. Always a fun party with little ones running around, all one year older, one year wiser, one year towards growing up too fast. Even though this year was probably the most sober I’d spent ringing in the new year since the great Captain drought of aught one, seeing all of my friends is all the buzz I need for a good time.

That and some kick ass chicken wings.

At home I’m reliving my college days of eating with paper and plastic utensils and wondering which roommate stole my Rush CD, and smoking clove cigarettes at the dorm with the hottie from the tri-delts as the drywall is up and taped, and lighting fixtures are screwed in awaiting the new cabinets and refrigerator (anyone need a throwback fridge?) that doesn’t produce off white colored ice. I have had zero hand in finishing this project other using my wallet to hand over my paycheck to Home Depot and hauling the battered remains of the 70s styled kitchen to the frozen trailer outside.

Did you know its cold in Minnesota? Its true, my glasses stuck to my face this morning like Flick’s tongue to the pole after the triple dog dare. Luckily, the wife decided we needed to go to Texas next month for no other reason other then to get silly off dollar margaritas in Mexico and golf with two of my closest friends and their spouses.

Life Alert.

You need a new commercial.

Although “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” never gets old and causes a chuckle or four, C. Everett Koop is looking a tad tired after peddling this product for the past three decades. Maybe Tom Emanski will follow this advice and upgrade to Joe Mauer over the Fred McGriff.

Enjoy the new year, maybe I’ll do a clich├ęd resolutions post tomorrow as I need some goals to continue this madness of watching people calling pot sized raises with 668J in Omaha hi/low out of position heads up and hitting. Or I’ll just spend the next 12 months trying to get to the expert level on Guitar Hero.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and hope to see you folks again soon.

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