Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sleep Is For the Weak

I promised literature this morning. A short story of childhood memories through the memory of a jaded adult that can't stand his reflection in a mirror and throws a couple prayers at whatever deities are out there daily, that his kids do not have to go through life with similar handicaps.

Instead you get a poker blog brag post because due to not thinking of potential slept deprivation of entering a 9:30pm tourney (THANK YOU GUITAR HERO GEEK!). At 2:30am I finally closed down my date with Lee Watkinson at the final table of the nightly Limit Omaha 8 token tourney.

I fought, but came up short in 7th when Lee paid off the Full Tilt RNG (not true) to hit a full house versus the crap low cards I was forced to push with. My applause to Lee for answering questions and being a great representative of the site despite not giving me his bust out t-shirt.

Data Entry and TPS reports today? Yes, please.

Edit: Moment of Truth on Fox... any prop bets on how many contestants before the first wife/husband walks off the stage? Time in between questions needs to be sliced, much like American Gladators, show the guts, go light on the jibber-jabber.

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