Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogger-trotting Across the US

Let the Super Bowl hype begin. Brady hurt?? Thanks to the media for trying to lower the line to single digits!!

For fans of the oblong pigskin, what’s more annoying:

- The length of time between the end of the college football season and the BCS bowl games.

- The length of time between the NFC/AFC Conference Championships and Super Bowl

Can’t they have the 3rd place game this week between Green Bay and the Super Chargers awarding the Marty Schottenheimer award to the winner?

I just took a look at my itinerary for the year and by far this is the most I’ll be away from the glacial ice caps of Minnesota:

- February: Southern Texas with the wife and two other couples: I’ve explained to April that this trip better not suck or I will hold her responsible for no other reason then being a resident of this rather large state. Any suggestions out there for the McAllen/South Padre part of Texas for fun?

- March (on the fence): Vegas. Sportsbook. Good cigars. College basketball. Wheelchair possibilities. With the stupidity I’ve been viewing at the PL/NLO8 tables I might get the funding necessary for a quick weekend of liver punishment.

- June: Charleston/Isle of Palms/G-Vegas: Family reunion with nearly 40 other pale skinned Minnesotans and two relocated family members in South Carolina. Still checking to see if a side trip to G-Vegas for a day to take the rest of BadBlood’s bankroll is possible since the kids will want ice cream at the beach. Might imbibe a dirty martini for the first time if provoked or otherwise impaired. Definitely going carry my 30+ handicap onto the golf courses, and take down the nightly beer pong games with my college aged cousins.

- July: Gentile Summit 2008: I am BoxerChamp. Even A-listers like Joaquin can’t contend with my softball swing technique.

- September: The Bash: Again dependent on poker. I'm looking at you Mr. Full Tilt Random Number Generator!!!

- December: I’ll see you all again around my birthday in Vegas (I hope there’s like someone who doesn’t mind herding cats again and the IP sportsbook hasn’t been demolished by NFL mid-season).

Here’s to the Omatards at Full Tilt banking my frequent flyer miles for the year because my $7.54 an hour flipping Whoppers isn’t going to get me further then Hudson, Wisconsin. One such player as offered another last longer in this evening’s Blogger Skill Series game of Omaha 8 or better. She likes funding my blogger tourney addiction. For that I thank you CK. When you transfer the money, remember my avatar is the busty nurse, much appreciated.

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