Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bacon: The New Tylenol

Get Sick.

Play up a blind level for an hour after reading: Waffle's Guide To Bankroll Management Vol. 5 "When In Doubt, Double It Up".

Win back all losses over the past week.

Eat an egg and bacon sammich.

Sleep in fatty Nyquil induced bliss for 15 hours after missing work.

The poker hasn't given me that extra inch of erection lately, but the games at Full Tilt have been very good so if I want to see Al's barstool at the new bar in September, a grinding I must go. Or at least have a draw or two come in :)

I pimped this on my poker site, but if you haven't heard about the return of "Saturdays With Dr. Pauly", I suggest using the link to the PLO tourney happening at 4:20pm at Stars.

Bring your "A" game, and two drink (or toke if you're into that sort of thing) minimum to the tables for some laid back four card bingo.

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